Espresso SAP end-user training

Espresso by Dexler Education 

Your ready-to-deploy solution for SAP end-user training

Premium SAP training at the price of your end-users' monthly coffee. Powered by SAP Enable Now



Why Choose Espresso?

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Start training in 5 days

Start training your end-users earlier in the implementation cycle. Use Espresso's out-of-the-box solution and start training your team immediately.


Increase workforce efficiency

Give your end-users high quality training and see a measurable impact on their productivity and efficiency. Also save up to 70% on support costs.


Focus on core tasks

Allow SAP end-users to focus on their everyday jobs, and free up the time they spend on content development.


Use your SAP investment better

Go beyond standard learning solutions, with access to business process knowledge, industry-specific examples in five language choices, and SAP Enable Now training.

Would you like free access to the

SAP MM training module?

Train as many end-users as you need, free, for a period of six months.

Espresso can be deployed for you in five days or less.


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Espresso provides premium SAP training for a monthly per-user fee less than the cost of a cup of coffee.

Starting your digital transformation process?

Train your end users earlier in the implementation cycle with ready content.


Customize only what you need, and reduce support costs while you’re at it.

Already implementing SAP for your business?

Give your end-users a head start with Espresso’s ready content.  

Introduce them to SAP with modules that are most relevant to your current need.

Want to make the most of your existing SAP investment?

Train more people in a shorter time window, and with examples that are relevant to your industry.


Give people a better context with multilingual content.

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