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Premium SAP training for better end-user adoption, and happier clients

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Start training in 5 days

Start training SAP end-users earlier in the implementation cycle. Use Espresso's out-of-the-box solution to train immediately, thus reducing friction just before go-live.


Stay up-to-date, always

Espresso is updated with every SAP version release, so your clients have access to current content, thus reducing the number of support tickets raised.


Engage your client better

Do away with passive PDFs and manuals, and give them access to premium eLearning content instead. Be known as the partner who offers bespoke training, leading to better SAP adoption.


Build better partnerships

Increase your range of services and support your partner businesses from implementation to training, delivery, and beyond.


Long-term partnerships are awesome, and Espresso helps make them even better.

Espresso provides premium SAP training for your clients on a revenue-share model.

Starting your digital transformation process?

Train your end users earlier in the implementation cycle with ready content. Customize only what you need, and reduce support costs while you’re at it.

Already implementing SAP for your business?

Give your end-users a head start with Espresso’s ready content and introduce them to SAP with modules that are most relevant to your current need.

Want to make the most of your existing SAP investment?

Train more people in a shorter time window, and with examples that are relevant to your industry.


Give people a better context with multilingual content.

A shot of Espresso for everyone

Hey, the times are tough but we can stick together.


This is probably the time when businesses need training support but aren't able to afford it.


As part of our COVID-19 response, if your clients are experiencing challenges, talk to us about offering Espresso for free for a period of six months if they sign up before March 2021.


Talk to us at to know more.

If you like SAP's Standard Content, you'll love Espresso!

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