3 Ways For You To Make SAP End-User Enablement Faster In 2021

It's the turn of a new year, and one after a major pandemic. If there's one thing you cannot lose right now, that is time.

Here, let's discuss how three key areas of SAP end-user training can be made faster, and better, with a simple solution.

But first, the problems you commonly face:

  1. A lengthy training needs analysis cycle

  2. Hurried Go-Live leading to tons of support tickets later

  3. Core team held up in developing SAP training content

Let's discuss these issues one-by-one.

A Training Needs Analysis Process That Takes Too Long

Usually, Training Needs Analysis and custom content building take between 3 and 6 months, or more.

This is also where point #3 above comes into the picture.

These are months during which the core SAP team spends time training others, when they could focus on business instead.

Moreover, SAP versions go through upgrades every month, and major overhauls every three months.

By the time your custom content goes live, it is relevant only for an older SAP version.

The Espresso Solution:

  1. Standard content for SAP training, with industry specific add-ons, so you train people the way you'd like to, for your business needs.

  2. Unlimited Espresso upgrades with every SAP version update

Hurried Go-Live Leading To Tons Of Support Tickets Later

Why wait for months, only to train your end-users in a week or less?

Why cram them into virtual classrooms and give them no additional opportunities to learn?

Hurried training allows room for several questions to arise, which further lead to extreme support ticket costs for your business.

Moreover, support tickets hold you back from ensuring smooth productivity, leading to losses for your business.

The Espresso Solution:

  1. Train end-users at all stages of implementation, and beyond.

  2. Begin training in 5 days, and give people ample time to adapt.

  3. Multilingual content to help everyone on your team learn SAP well.

Core Team Held Up In Developing SAP Training Content

Your SAP Power Users have a lot on their plate. Diverting their focus to building SAP content is harmful for your business.

Moreover, in most cases, there is no need for custom content to be built again and again from scratch. Standard content is faster, cheaper, and better for all users involved.

The Espresso Solution:

  1. Premium SAP training content delivered using multiple different formats.

  2. Ready-to-deploy content that does not take your core users away from daily tasks.

  3. Industry specific content that is updated with every SAP version release.

With Espresso, your SAP end-user training can be faster and better, and for a per-user fee that's just the price of their monthly coffee. Find out more here!